Brass Arch

The Brass Arch Collection is an elegant solution for bringing greenery into small spaces. Designed to be mounted to the wall, or to sit on a flat surface, these unique pieces provide a vertical perspective to indoor gardening. 


The Table Stand and Wall Mount Series was first produced in 2015. Only the highest quality solid brass has been used for the wall mounts, and brass and solid mahogany wood for the table stand. The table stand has been finished in natural linseed oil.

Design thinking:
Taking its cue from the world of retail and window display, the vertical gardening series was designed to bring maximum graphic impact into a limited space. 

The pairing of solid brass and mahogany wood creates a sophisticated yet understated design, while the contrast between hard heavy materials and a ‘floating’ plant introduce an element of playfulness. Designed to reflect classic mid-century design principles, the table stands and wall mounts are sleek, clean and timeless.